Holy Amethyst & Zadkiel for 11-11-17

Violet Flame, Violet Flame, Violet Flame

Through the Heart of the Germaine we call forth the cleansing and alchemical healing of imbalances held in the hearts and minds of humanity. We now ask through the power of the invocation of Holy Amethyst and Archangel Zadkiel, Archangelic overseers of the Violet flame, to encase our entire planet within the Amethyst Heart Temple and surround us with their violet, gold and silver wings.

A call to cleanse and purify the mind grids of the Earth and of all Beings effected by violent programs/predators, creating imbalanced brain chemistries. To release and transform all interference that has penetrated the hearts and minds of humanity to a point that is at times unrecognizable from our original Divine Designs. We denounce all power we have given to any other powers that are not calibrated to the divine frequencies of the Three Fold Flame Heart.

We denounce all anger and judgment that has been taught to be our right to impose upon another. We denounce all imbalances that create illusions of separation, competition, isolation, abuse of any kind.

We are the keepers of the violet flame, that which through the power of alchemy brings disharmony back to its original state of Being- One of Balance and God Fusion.

We move deeper through the Amethyst Heart Temple and into the Alchemical Temples of the Violet Flame. We ask to be bathed and thoroughly cleansed of impure thoughts, actions and deeds without judgment. We ask to return to Acceptance and Learning of the polarized nature of existence here and see it all through the lens of Purity, Hope, Charity, Faith and Love. We recognize these Virtues as Sovereign Beings of Divine Consciousness and accept their clear, undulating nature into our hearts, into our mind spheres.

We Accept to be ONE in the Violet Temples of Divine Alchemy accessing the power it offers to balance polarity and loving all that it teaches us in this multidimensional experience of Earth. We accept the delightfully complicated nature of Mother Earth and hold the Hearts of all her Beings within our hearts. We choose now to transform all hate, lack of forgiveness and imbalances we may hold back to love, forgiveness and harmony.

We remember the depth of our learning here so that our souls may forever hold the Light of these teachings so that we may Be the Light for others.

We remember we are the Bringers of Hope, Love and Remembrance.

We remember that we are the Winged Ones who hold those in pain and suffering and infuse them with the Golden dust of Divinity. We infuse Oneness even as we witness tragedy, violence, chaos.

We infuse love in places it is hard to find

We infuse Remembrance when all has seemed to be forgotten.

We are the Transformers of disconnection.

We hold the Grids of Connection. WE Are the Connection.

We are One

All Is healed. All is healed All is healed.

Janet Elshiana 11/9/17

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