Blessings from the Goddess Venus

The beautiful etheric Goddess Venus Kumara

beholds unto you now sacred blessings that hold the Divine Codes to assist your remembrance of the Love of Beauty.

Take a few minutes now and connect into the flame that exists within the core of your heart. Venus comes to you and stands before you.

As you open your heart

she sends a bouquet of love seeds, flowers, sacred glyphs and geometry that she shares directly into your heart from hers. All flows from the gentle exhale of breath from her heart through the inhale of your own. Through this transmission she whispers to you sweet loving sounds to open your physical ears to the sensitive awareness of the sounds of love that flow deep within the emotions that run through your blood, your cells, your organs and into the blueprints of your energy bodies.

The Sounds of Love begin to beat powerfully

awakening the gentle, yet strong warmth of love flowing through your whole being now, connecting you through the heart of Venus into the dimensions of pure love. Through this heart dimension all is seen through the eyes of softness and understanding so all has room to feel safe enough to witness itself as such. May you give to another in the way you have received today. Awaken Divine One and receive the soft embrace of Love on this special heart opening day.

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