Everyone has Angels

Welcome dear ones to Hearing Your Angels,

A place where you can come and sit and remember that you are always held deep within the heart of the angels.

This evolving site will be building deeply over the next year, helping to support our journey as we enter into the Age of Enlightment.

Writings from the angelic realms will be offered

Containing insights, teachings, support and meditations to help guide us during this amazing time on earth as we connect more deeply to the celestial/heavenly realms, helping to bring them into our everyday experiences within the earth plane.

We are entering a time in our spiritual evolution where we do not need to fly out into the heavens to meet our angels or other celestial beings. Our gift now is to be able to connect through our hearts into these realms of Light and to be a bridge for the Light to ground right here on earth.

These beautiful Beings of Light and Love are everywhere

Even when a place or situation seems as if the all of the Light has disappeared, they are there, fanning the ever present flame of Source that exists within all.

When referring to the All That Is, the breath of Light and Love that all is birthed from, I will be alternating between the using the names; God, Source, Creator, Universal Spirit. All hold a beautiful frequency and you are free to connect or interchange the names to the one which holds the deepest resonance to your heart.

Angels and Archangels are very powerful beings that carry large of amounts of Source frequencies/energies.

Hopefully their messages will serve to help your minds find peace. Much of the writings will transmit frequencies to help one to open their heart more deeply to receive the love they are offering so that your whole being is receiving their messages, not just the mind dear one.

There is no where that the Light of God does not exist

And so there is no where that these beautiful emissaries of Light and Love do not exist. From before your incarnation into this life time, you have been lovingly assisted by two, sometimes more, angels that have agreed through a sacred contract to walk this part of the journey with you.

  • They know everything about you, there is no need to try to hide what you may feel is shameful.

  • These guides, as well as Source, already know all that has occurred and hold only the purest of unconditional love for each Being in the universe.

  • They hold no judgment towards your words or actions.

  • They are assisting in helping your soul to experience this life in way that it remembers its unbreakable connection to the Light.

Call upon them every day, throughout your day.

Begin to see the small ways that little or big miracles begin to occur. Pay attention to how when you invite yours and other groups of the angels into your life to help guide and teach you, your path begins to open more clearly, one step at a time. For this is the first step of bringing peace into your life, focusing on one step at a time.

The Angels and Archangels teach us so much about giving and loving unconditionally

Not just looking for something in return, just responding from the love they hold, knowing that we are all One. That we all carry the pulse of our Creator, responding for the opportunity to show us that we are loved and cared for even when it may not seem as such.

Many of us are conditioned from a young age to believe that we are to give love and assistance to others, that to receive the same is selfish and so we close to receiving the love that we crave.

The Angels assure you that the opposite is true. In order to hear (meaning to feel guided) your angel’s, one must be OPEN TO RECEIVE the guidance into your being.

Often our guides try to offer assistance, but our field is closed to receiving because we feel that we are unworthy to receive, and then we feel as if our Creator has abandoned us.

We are never abandoned, and on this journey together, the angels will be offering many tools and insights on how to open to receive their guidance into your everyday life.

Many blessings to you and all that you are,

Janet Elshiana


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