In this Moment

This is an invitation for you now

To know it is you that we speak of when we address you as the beautiful beings.

Beautiful beings of love and light

We invite you now to know deep within your being that All that matters is this moment, right here, right now. All that matters is that you exist here, during this glorious moment in time, agreeing to share your divine nature with all that exists within these earthen realms.

Call now to your highest divine nature to begin to merge with you in this divine moment, in this divine space.

Call now to all of your soul, all parts of you that exist within all consciousness of the earthen realms, within all the realms and dimensions through all time and space, to be with you here, right here, right now so that they too may remember that they share this moment of the awakening of the Truth, that you are a Beautiful being of love, and Beautiful being of light. It does not matter where you have been, what you have done, who have hated, who you have loved, who you may have cheated or lied to, who you may have given your last penny to, for all that exists is this moment.

This moment where you stand

Where your feet kiss the supportive surface of the earth.

Where your hands may touch your brothers and sisters of the light,

Where your eyes may see the beauty where others see ugliness,

Where you may experience compassion in your heart for those that have lost their way.

All that matters is in this moment, You have a choice...

To breathe into your beating heart,

To experience the flames within growing with each breath.

To hear and feel the pulse of the loving heart of your earth mother.

To breathe with her, in her, through her and with all of her Beings that we share her womb with.

All of a single cell, always connected. Breathing love into all that we share our earth mother with.

This is an invitation to release our fears so that we may once again fully experience the amazing gift of experiencing Divinity in physical form.

It doesn’t matter who you were before, who you will be, if you were royalty or poverty.

All that matters is that we honor who we are in this moment, a Beautiful Being.


Your Brothers and Sisters of the Light and the Angels of Peace


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