Archangel Faith, Hope and Love

Upon this time of the beautiful and heartfelt frequency of rebirth and renewal many blessings are being sent your way.

If you choose now many gifts of love are flowing to support the parts of you that are ready to be weeded out so that new growth may begin to flow within the current of all that you wish to Create now.

Archangels Faith, Hope, Love and Charity wish to speak now

As they wish to clarify their roles and their gifts. There has been much floating around lately on the topic of hope.

Many believing that hope is an attachment to what one views as a need, it is based on desires and non acceptance of what shows up in one’s life. Faith is being looked at as a separate consciousness. The surrendering to your highest will that has incarnated with a mission, knowing that it will always bring to you exactly what is needed. This view of hope is indeed an ego based attachment to desires and a lack of surrendering to Trusting our Highest Divine Will.

Archangels Faith, Hope and Love wish to share the higher consciousness of their gifts.

They are a Trinity, one not better, more or less than the other.

Archangel Faith clarifies that faith is not exclusive to any particular spiritual practice or organized religion. It is a deep acceptance of love in one’s heart that holds the knowingness that we are all deeply and intricately connected and there are no exceptions.

Faith holds the cornerstone of energy that knows that one is always loved by the Divine. Its consciousness holds the knowingness of its own Love and Perfection. It holds in its highest of Truths, all is love, now and ever shall all be.

Archangel Hope holds the Light of this Knowing. Hope is the ever blazing torch ignited by the Angels of Love that hold the Light of remembrance of this Faith.

Hope is the path finder for all that has wandered into the darkness and has forgotten their way back to the Heart of All There Is.

Hope is the Light Bearer that tirelessly guides all of those who may have lost faith or never even knew it existed to begin with.

From here, Charity is birthed as it ignites our loving hearts to give freely and lovingly to others as well as to ourselves. Love is an ever flowing river that is boundless and eternal.

Another trinity, Charity, Compassion and Service birth, offering the potential of this expression to be manifested here on your soul’s journey.

Archangel Faith offers you to view these Trinities not as a hierarchy to achieve but rather as a complete unit of God/Source/Creator/Spirit frequency.

To bypass the egos tendency to see one as higher than the other, picture these Angelic Beings in your mind in a horizontal manor rather vertical.

You may bring up each Being one at a time to embrace the gifts that each have to offer. You may see them in your inner mind as a color, a Being, images, or receive a feeling or just a knowing about them.

Viewing them as a Trinity will bring in frequencies and knowledge of a different nature and viewing both Trinities together circling around you, yet a whole unique joyous experience.

Charity, Compassion and Service are deeply joyous inner and outer acts of kind thoughts and deeds expressed through the Oneness we share with all Beings and with this beautiful planet.

Hope is the ever glowing Lighthouse beckoning to all who are need so they may find the path back to the Truth – All is Love.

Faith is the pillar that fills your spine, holding you up to walk through your journey with strength, joy, inquisitiveness, freedom, all with the wisdom and love of knowing you are indeed a Divine Child of All that Is.

With great Love and deep affection,

Archangels Faith, Hope, Love and Charity


Elshiana Ra 'Heiya Sheehan

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