Transmutation & Trust

Dearest Beautiful Beings,

As ambassadors of the Violet Ray of Light

We bring to you streams of many different subtle frequencies/ shades of the Violet Ray.

If you choose, give permission in your mind now to receive these gifts from the Violet Ray of Light flowing through your being.

Flowing through your physical body and the energetic body all around you.

Breathe this in gently now..

breathing it into your abdomen, your chest,your brain

and exhaling it down through your lower body,

filling every space, cell, molecule through you,

fully three times now.

With your breath, begin to expand this Ray of Violet out into a 6 foot sphere around you.

Take your time with this.

As this sphere of Light begins to stabilize connect to it, whether through your inner sight, a feeling, a knowing or simply as an intention.

There is no right or wrong way, there is no one way that is better than the other.

As you sit or lay within this Violet sphere

The Angels of the Violet Ray begin to infuse the energetic centers (chakras) of your throat,

sacral- lower abdomen,

and the third eye- in between the eyebrows.

These frequencies begin to clear the energies that have hardened within these centers now.

They have hardened from judgements and criticisms that your being has received over time.

Parts of your soul have begun to believe these judgements and criticisms and has attached to them as the truth.

False beliefs that speak of lies of unworthiness, of lack- lack of love, money, interest, gifts and talents, friendships and relationships.

This has become a calcified energy similar to clogging of arteries.

We believe this causes an actual physical clogging of the arteries in the throat chakras.

These hardened energies constrict the energy center from where you speak clearly your truth, desires, intentions, wisdom and love.

When others judge or laugh at your speaking of truths, one restricts the flow of this energy and a hardening occurs.

Allow the Violet Ray now to transmute all impurities and false programs of beliefs that we must hide our truth into the energy of freedom and liberation.

Archangel Michael and Faith come forward now with their blue swords of Truth to fill this throat center with the Light of Truth .

Breath in the Truth now;

that all that you need to support you to grow to your next level is available to you.

Know this is True,

that this is your Truth, the Universal Truth that you are creating right here, right now.

Your sacral, 2 inches below the navel is being pulsed with the Violet Light now.

Softening the tightness, the constrictions that have squeezed your creations with fears and doubts, shame and worthlessness.

Transmuting all unfulfilled dreams and unfinished projects into a clear, flowing energy.

The Blue Ray of Light brings the Truth to this creation center,

So that all you dream of and create may be filled with the Divinity of your heart in alignment with the Divinity of Source.

Blessed this may be now.

Focus on the third eye now,

As the frequencies of Violet pulsate through this center.

Sending gentle awakenings to all that has created a closing in this center.

Allowing you to begin to see more clearly that all is energy and there is much to be seen beyond and within the physical form.

As the Blue Ray of Truth is gently infused now,

all parts of your being is remembering the Truth,

that we are powerful Beings capable of seeing beyond with just our physical eyes.

To open more easily to our guidance, our inner knowing…to trust that we know our Truth more than anyone else can know for us.

Blessed this may be now.

We thank you for receiving our service and know that as you hold this frequency of the Violet and Blue Ray, others around you will receive as well. We thank you for your service.

Blessed this may be now.

With loving gratitude,

The Angelic Emissaries and Ambassadors of the Violet and Blue Rays of Light


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