Angelic Poem

The stories of old have all been told

They have been relived until they have formed a mold

Blessings Beautiful Ones, for the time is here to shift and soften

To come back into the fold

To a time from long, long ago

When minds were compliments, not foe

When unity and family was not defined by blood

But by the breathe And our love of the One

Sure that all is perfect, all is divine

Not knowing what was meant by “mine”

For mine is yours and yours is mine

Doesn’t that sound just divine?

Not needing to procreate to form a clan

But understanding we are all part of the same plan

My story is your story; your pain has been mine

Let us lay down these cords now attached to the old

Transforming them with swords made from brilliant Light

So that the new can be told, not from the old mold

But from a plane of our higher sight, our higher mind

Where words can be wondrous And love holds All

So breathe your breath with your brothers and sisters

and stand tall

Walk together through the door

Leaving the old to be released and loved by the Light

No longer driving you to wishes of taking flight

Walk into the realms now where the dark meets the Light

So you do not need to carry any more fright

Softening, then softening some more

Melting into golden rivers of Light

Flowing, glowing brilliantly in your love

Creating from joy, from our fate of the healed heart

For this is our place

Our natural born state

Janet Elshiana


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