Angelic Messages

Breathe deeply now as Archangel Amethyst of Violet Ray of light steps forward to you now.

She guides you to bring your attention to your breath, finding its own natural rhythm.

Take a moment to honor your breath and all of the life that it connects to you. In this way you can remember that you are never alone, as we are all part of the same breath, the breath of Source.

As you breathe now bring your attention into your heart center, which lies in the sternum area, in the lower center of your chest.

Your heart center is a beautiful crystal and it is the home of your eternal flame.

Breathe into this flame now expanding it in every direction throughout your body and beyond it.

Archangel Amethyst connects her heart to yours through a violet, golden and emerald flame of light. She begins now to gently but powerfully transmit the gifts that her heart holds, gently clearing blocks and allowing her love to fill your heart.

She begins to transmit to you now;

Beloved ones, if you choose now allow my heart to transmit frequencies of deep clearing into your heart centers, offering a rest to the many petals of your heart that may have hardened over time through challenging experiences.

Know that we hold such love for you and all beings within the earth plane and for the earth herself.

We have come to you through this way of writing as a gift to be able to share with you a way that you may know we are with you.

We can share with you how to connect more deeply to the many celestial beings of love and light that guide you through your journey so that you may work with us more and allow us to share many gifts.

Know that you too are angelic beings of light and are on your journey of discovering this part of yourselves.

Many of you already are very committed to service- helping others in many different ways. However, many of you also find yourself out of balance for you have closed down the back of your heart center, not allowing yourself to receive the love and light that will continuously feed you as you give to others.

You find yourself becoming short, resentful and/or just plain tired at times and then feeling guilty for these feelings.

Release this guilt now to us through this heart connection and any old beliefs that to receive for oneself is selfish in a negative way.

Just in the way that a vehicle needs fuel to continue to serve you, you need to refuel to continue to serve others and yourself beloved.

Take a breath now releasing any guilt, resentments, tiredness or any other feeling you wish to release now as we assist you in lifting this from your heart.

If you wish now, we will infuse the violet, gold and emerald rays of light into your heart so that it may gently receive relief, wisdom and deep love.

Stay with this for as long as you wish and call upon us any time.

Expand these rays now throughout your whole body and allow yourself to be bathed in the Light as you are a beloved child of God.

Archangel Amethyst of the Violet Ray of Light


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