FAQs About Angels

















"Who and what are angels?"

Angels are great Beings of energy carrying immense frequency of love and light directly from Source. Many of the Angels and Archangels have committed their service to assisting Humanity and the Earth to awaken to their own Divinity. As one awakens to this Divinity they open to the remembrance of the Divine Light of Source they carry within them. This awakening creates a shift in ones consciousness, opening the possibility to see the Light of Source in all Beings and in all experiences.


These beautiful powerful Beings work together as a group consciousness. So even though we may call upon an angel by name, they are working with a group whose consciousness carries a similar resonance. This is how they are able to bring their gifts into many places and to many people at once no matter how far they are from each other. For example, many people call upon Archangel Michael for protection since one of his roles is protector of earth. But one may also call for the Angels of Protection as this group consciousness will assist in protecting as they assist Archangel Michael. One is not better than another it is just a matter of sometimes not sure of which angel to call upon so this is another option.


Angels and Archangels do not lessen our relationship to Source. These powerful Beings assist in helping us raise our frequency when we allow them to so that we can more easily and fully receive Light and Love into our Being, opening the path for synchronicity to occur in answer to our prayers and intentions



"If angels are in my life, how come I can't see and hear there messages?"

The angels are always around us even if we don’t sense their presence.  Sometimes it might take going to a quiet place or meditating to begin to “hear” their messages. The more that one tunes into the idea of angels the more sensitive one becomes to their presence. I remember when I first started to pay attention to the work of the angels and wondered how “real” they were, I walked into a friends apartment and he took a plaque of golden cherubs off his wall and told me he wanted me to have them.


I could see he looked a bit confused as to why he was giving this to me, but it was great confirmation that I needed at the time. I asked and there it was. Hearing our messages means to be open to many ways our messages may come to us, which is not usually an outside voice that we hear with our outer ear. Usually it is the way I just described. Sometimes it happens when we are asking a question and we walk by a television or pick up a paper and the answer screams at us! One day I was at the gym on the treadmill wondering if the veils of illusions that prevented me from at times seeing a situation clearly would ever be lifted. At that moment I looked up at the television screen above me and there was a commercial for upcoming documentary called, “Lifting the Veils”. That is Hearing Your Angels in it’s beauty and simplicity. Keeping yourself open to the many ways that our messages come, often through the experiences of synchronicity, a strong relationship with your angels begins to build.


The Angelic Realm must also abide by The Law of Free Will which means they can not intervene in your life unless you ask.  Once you ask the angels for help, they jump in and begin to offer assistance.  No request is too small as long as it is sincere in nature. Call upon them as often as you would like, everyday, all day, this is their service and they love to assist us. Just remember to so with gratitude. Often the angels will show us what we may need to change in our life, an attitude or belief for example, in order for us to attract the answer to our prayer or attention.



How do I ask for help from my angels?

Speak to your angels the way you would speak to a beloved. With respect and love; out loud, in your mind, in your journal, through your prayers or when you state an intention. They will respond to you and energetically bring you what you need. They wrap their wings around you to offer comfort, or can assist in lifting dense energies around you to help bring clarity to a situation or peace of mind. Often the Universe responds to our requests but we are not open to receive them and so they cannot manifest into physical form. Ask your angels to help you heal any unforgiveness or unworthiness you are carrying that may be preventing you from receiving the gifts that they would like to share with you.



Is it true that even I have angels?

We all have angels that guide us and assist us every day. They love us unconditionally. Judgement has been created in the human experience, the angels do not judge us. They see us as divine beings of light and love and wish for us to see this within all parts of ourselves and others. This is the only Truth that they see. There is no part of us, no matter what we have done that is exempt from this truth.


Sometimes it may feel as if the angels are not with us when we are not receiving what we are asking for but have faith that this is either because we may not be open to receiving, there is a learning that needs to be acknowledged and integrated, or something that is better for us is coming along.