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Everyone has Angels

Welcome dear ones to Hearing Your Angels, a place where you can come and sit and remember that you are always held deep within the heart of the angels. This evolving site will be building deeply over the next year, helping to support our journey as we enter into the Age of Enlightment. 

About Angels

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Meet the Angels
Archangel Michael

Trademark: Sword of Light of the clear Blue Ray of Truth, ​Protector

Oversees Guardian Angels

Archangel Jophiel

Trademark: clears energetic body and physical space, Unconditional Love

Archangel Faith

Trademark: Freedom through faith

Twin Flame of Archangel Michael

Divine Mother Mary

Trademark: Assists with forgiveness, healer

Queen of the Angels

Archangel Gabriel

Trademark: Divine Direction and Guidance

The Messenger

Archangel Rahael

Trademark: Healing Light 

Twin Flame to Divine Mother Mary

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Your arrival to this site is an indication that your Angels have guided you here.


Come join other intuitive souls like yourself and read the angels unique messages and guidance for you.