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Everyone Has Angels

Everyone Has Angels

| December 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

Welcome dear ones to Hearing Your Angels, a place where you can come and sit and remember that you are always held deep within the heart of the angels. This evolving site will be building deeply over the next year, helping to support our journey as we enter into the Age of Enlightment. Writings from the angelic realms will be offered; containing insights, teachings, support and meditations to help guide us during this amazing time on earth as we connect more deeply to the celestial/heavenly realms, helping to bring them into our everyday experiences within the earth plane. We are entering a time in our spiritual evolution where we do not need to fly out into the heavens to meet our angels or other celestial beings. Our gift now is to be able to connect through our hearts into these realms of Light and to be a bridge for the Light to ground right here on earth. These beautiful Beings of Light and Love are everywhere, even when a place or situation seems as if the all of the Light has disappeared, they are there, fanning the ever present flame of Source that exists within all.

When referring to the All That Is, the breath of Light and Love that all is birthed from, I will be alternating between the using the names; God, Source, Creator, Universal Spirit. All hold a beautiful frequency and you are free to connect or interchange the names to the one which holds the deepest resonance to your heart.

Angels and Archangels are very powerful beings that carry large of amounts of Source frequencies/energies. Hopefully their messages will serve to help your minds find peace. Much of the writings will transmit frequencies to help one to open their heart more deeply to receive the love they are offering so that your whole being is receiving their messages, not just the mind dear one.

There is no where that the Light of God does not exist, and so there is no where that these beautiful emissaries of Light and Love do not exist. From before your incarnation into this life time, you have been lovingly assisted by two, sometimes more, angels that have agreed through a sacred contract to walk this part of the journey with you. They know everything about you, there is no need to try to hide what you may feel is shameful. These guides, as well as Source, already know all that has occurred and hold only the purest of unconditional love for each Being in the universe. They hold no judgment towards your words or actions. They are assisting in helping your soul to experience this life in way that it remembers its unbreakable connection to the Light. Call upon them every day, throughout your day. Begin to see the small ways that little or big miracles begin to occur. Pay attention to how when you invite yours and other groups of the angels into your life to help guide and teach you, your path begins to open more clearly, one step at a time. For this is the first step of bringing peace into your life, focusing on one step at a time.

The Angels and Archangels teach us so much about giving and loving unconditionally, not looking for something in return, just responding from the love they hold, knowing that we are all One. That we all carry the pulse of our Creator, responding for the opportunity to show us that we are loved and cared for even when it may not seem as such.

Many of us are conditioned from a young age to believe that we are to give love and assistance to others, that to receive the same is selfish and so we close to receiving the love that we crave. The Angels assure you that the opposite is true. In order to hear (meaning to feel guided) your angel’s, one must be OPEN TO RECEIVE the guidance into your being. Often our guides try to offer assistance, but our field is closed to receiving because we feel that we are unworthy to receive, and then we feel as if our Creator has abandoned us. We are never abandoned, and on this journey together, the angels will be offering many tools and insights on how to open to receive their guidance into your everyday life.

Many blessings to you and all that you are,

Janet ElShiana O’Shea

For more about Janet, please visit her sister site

Archangel Faith, Hope and Love

Archangel Faith, Hope and Love

| April 23, 2014 | 1 Comment

Upon this time of the beautiful and heartfelt frequency of rebirth and renewal many blessings are being sent your way. If you choose now many gifts of love are flowing to support the parts of you that are ready to be weeded out so that new growth may begin to flow within the current of all that you wish to Create now.

Archangels Faith, Hope, Love and Charity wish to speak now as they wish to clarify their roles and their gifts. There has been much floating around lately on the topic of hope. Many believing that hope is an attachment to what one views as a need, it is based on desires and non acceptance of what shows up in one’s life. Faith is being looked at as a separate consciousness. The surrendering to your highest will that has incarnated with a mission, knowing that it will always bring to you exactly what is needed. This view of hope is indeed an ego based attachment to desires and a lack of surrendering to Trusting our Highest Divine Will.

Archangels Faith, Hope and Love wish to share the higher consciousness of their gifts. They are a Trinity, one not better, more or less than the other. Faith holds the cornerstone of energy that knows that one is always loved by the Divine. Its consciousness holds the knowingness of its own Love and Perfection. It holds in its highest of Truths, all is love, now and ever shall all be.

Archangel Faith also clarifies that faith is not exclusive to any particular spiritual practice or organized religion. It is a deep acceptance of love in one’s heart that holds the knowingness that we are all deeply and intricately connected and there are no exceptions.

Archangel Hope holds the Light of this Knowing. Hope is the ever blazing torch ignited by the Angels of Love that hold the Light of remembrance of this Faith. Hope is the path finder for all that has wandered into the darkness and has forgotten their way back to the Heart of All There Is. Hope is the Light Bearer that tirelessly guides all of those who may have lost faith or never even knew it existed to begin with.

From here, Charity is birthed as it ignites our loving hearts to give freely and lovingly to others as well as to ourselves. Love is an ever flowing river that is boundless and eternal. Another trinity, Charity, Compassion and Service birth, offering the potential of this expression to be manifested here on your soul’s journey.

Archangel Faith offers you to view these Trinities not as a hierarchy to achieve but rather as a complete unit of God/Source/Creator/Spirit frequency. To bypass the egos tendency to see one as higher than the other, picture these Angelic Beings in your mind in a horizontal manor rather vertical. You may bring up each Being one at a time to embrace the gifts that each have to offer. You may see them in your inner mind as a color, a Being, images, or receive a feeling or just a knowing about them. Viewing them as a Trinity will bring in frequencies and knowledge of a different nature and viewing both Trinities together circling around you, yet a whole unique joyous experience.

Charity, Compassion and Service are deeply joyous inner and outer acts of kind thoughts and deeds expressed through the Oneness we share with all Beings and with this beautiful planet.

Hope is the ever glowing Lighthouse beckoning to all who are need so they may find the path back to the Truth – All is Love.

Faith is the pillar that fills your spine, holding you up to walk through your journey with strength, joy, inquisitiveness, freedom, all with the wisdom and love of knowing you are indeed a Divine Child of All that Is.

With great Love and deep affection,

Archangels Faith, Hope, Love and Charity

Janet Elshiana Ra Heiya Sheehan

Angels of Love,Moon and Sun 2-14-14

Angels of Love,Moon and Sun 2-14-14

| February 15, 2014 | 1 Comment

 Call to the The Angels of Love begin to gather around you now. As you breathe they breathe with you, a singular pulsation as they gather all around your physical body and your whole energetic field wrapping you in ribbons of pink pure love. The Angels of the Moon move forward spreading their Silver Rays of Light throughout your Being, finding a blissful harmony with the Angels of Love. Soft and strong all at the same time. The Angels of Love prepare the way now, softening your Being to help you remember that you are loved, and all that you are is loved. There is no reason to hide any part of you for all is already seen, all is already loved, and if you wish, all is already forgiven. They remind you now that your journey is all a learning, a growing, a re-membering and if you wish now you may give permission for them to begin to bring to you blankets of pure love for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you will be. Blessed Be.

The Angels of the Moon begin to deeply infuse your Being with shimmering Silver Rays of pure splendor. To shine as bright as the Moon in Her fullest Light, sharing her beauty for all to witness, to draw upon, to remember your own Beauty, your own Light. She brings you into the depths of your consciousness always with a light to shine so that all that you find, all that has been hidden may be acknowledged. The Angels of the Moon fill this consciousness now with depth of love and the depth of compassion. They remind you to follow the cycles of the moon so that you may align with the internal rhythm of the Earth. Inhale with the New Moon and exhale with the Full Moon. To know when it is time to pull in and commune deeply with all around you to support your journey here. To know when it is time to expand out, sharing all that you gathered on the inhale, out to all with the exhale. If you wish now you may give permission for them to begin to bring to you blankets of pure love for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you will be. Blessed Be.

The Angels of the Sun begin to open your column of light that runs through you, from the Sun of all Suns, through the Sun of your solar system, through the crown of your head, through your spinal column, through the many layers of the Earth and into the Sun of the core of the Earth. The Light holds you to see your path and to see that you are guided and many are with you always, surrounding you and protecting you. If you wish now you may give permission for them to bring to you blankets of pure Light for you to see all that you are, all that you have been and all that you will be. Blessed Be.

The Angels of Love, Angels of the Moon and the Angels of the Sun now begin to weave ribbons of pure Pink, Silver, and Golden light into the chakras, so that the consciousness that sits within your energetic Being may begin to be held in the pure love of Venus, of the Mother Divine, of your Earth Mother, Gaia, of the Father Divine and the Sun of all Suns. Theses ribbons are being woven into the star that carries the gift of your soul above the head, into the crown of the head so you can remember that you are royalty indeed. They weave their ribbons into the brow center, in between your eyebrows so that you may see the royalty in all others. Into the throat center so that your words, your sound, and your creations are received and transmitted with love, power and strength. As these ribbons are woven into the thymus and the heart center and the solar plexus your free will may find the balance to express itself as the Divinity that you truly are. Breathe these ribbons of Pink, Silver and Gold now into the hara behind the naval expanding in every direction, through every cell of your body so that you may honor the Temple that houses your Divine Soul. Thicker ribbons now of pink, silver and golden light are being braided into your sacral, 2 inches below the navel. Soften your lower abdomen now so that your center of creation may receive the love and light so that all of your past creations may be brought into balance and remembrance of your Divine Journey. Ribbons of light are now being woven into the base of your spine, finding the sweetness of the Earth again, as she holds abundance for you. Pink, Silver and Golden light is being woven into the link chakra in between the knees and the earth star below your feet, allowing you to ground your love and divine self right here, right now where you stand.  Call for this now. Weaving, weaving, weaving, spirals of dancing light from your earth star below your feet into the Lotus Heart of Gaia, in the core the Earth. Breathe as she breathes. She inhales your Love to fill all creations upon the Earth, she exhales your Light, shining your Star for all to see, for all to be ignited by and to rejoice in the Light that you are.

You are Love and Loved. You are Light and Enlightenment. You are Divine and Divinity.

Blessed Be

We are the Angels of Love, Angels of the Moon and Angels of the Sun

Janet Elshiana

Angelic Blessings 12-24-13

Angelic Blessings 12-24-13

| December 24, 2013 | 0 Comments
As the winter solstice brought us into the deepest part of selves, it also brought us the beginning of the Light to be ignited more and more each day.
During this beautiful time of year, the Angels are abound.  May 2014 bring you love and peace.
 May the Light of the Angelic Realm of Love fill your Being so that all parts of you may know that they are loved equally and unequivocally.

May the Light of the Angelic Realm of Grace overflow within and throughout you and your loved ones so that the doorway of Miracles may flow, and may all paths lead to the Grace of God/Goddess.

May the Light of the Angelic Realm of Faith hold you up through times of troubles and challenges. May you remember that you are never alone.

May the Light of the Angelic Realms of Hope and Charity assist you to open to your generous mind, heart and soul and the pure joy and freedom that this will bring to you and those all around you.

May the Light of the Angelic Realm of Peace embody every area of your life and may this Peace radiate to every Being within this planet.

May the Light of the Angelic Realm of Earth spread its wings to hold you in a place of love, safety and security during your precious journey here.

May the Light of the Angelic Realm of Abundance offer you freedom from limiting beliefs so you may remember the bounty that is here for you to reap.

May the Light of the Angelic Realm of Joy deeply touch your heart awakening the pure joy of Source that sits within the core of your Being. May this joy saturate the planet, the Universe and Beyond.

Wishing you a very blessed New Year.


Transmutation and Trust

Transmutation and Trust

| January 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

Dearest Beautiful Beings,

As ambassadors of the Violet Ray of Light, we bring to you streams of many different subtle frequencies/ shades of the Violet Ray.  If you choose, give permission in your mind now to receive these gifts from the Violet Ray of Light flowing through your being.  Flowing through your physical body and the energetic body all around you.   Breathe this in gently now..breathing it into your abdomen, your chest,your brain and exhaling it down through your lower body, filling every space, cell, molecule through you,  fully three times now.  With your breath, begin to expand this Ray of Violet out into a 6 foot sphere around you. Take your time with this. As this sphere of Light begins to stabilize connect to it, whether through your inner sight, a feeling, a knowing or simply as an intention. There is no right or wrong way, there is no one way that is better than the other.

As you sit or lay within this Violet sphere, the Angels of the Violet Ray begin to infuse the energetic centers (chakras) of your throat, sacral- lower abdomen, and the third eye- in between the eyebrows. These frequencies begin to clear the energies that have hardened within these centers now. They have hardened from judgements and criticisms that your being has received over time.  Parts of your soul have begun to believe these judgements and criticisms and has attached to them as the truth.  False beliefs that speak of lies of unworthiness, of lack- lack of love, money, interest, gifts and talents, friendships and relationships. This has become a calcified energy similar to clogging of arteries. We believe this causes an actual physical clogging of the arteries in the throat chakras. These hardened energies constrict the energy center from where you speak clearly your truth, desires, intentions, wisdom and love. When others judge or laugh at your speaking of truths,  one restricts the flow of this energy and a hardening occurs.  Allow the Violet Ray now to transmute all impurities and false programs of beliefs that we must hide our truth into the energy of freedom and liberation. Archangel Michael and Faith come forward now with their blue swords of Truth to fill this throat center with the Light of Truth . Breath in the Truth now; that all that you need to support you to grow to your next level is available to you. Know this is True, that this is your Truth, the Universal Truth that you are creating right here, right now.

Your sacral, 2 inches below the navel is being pulsed with the Violet Light now. Softening the tightness, the constrictions that have squeezed your creations with fears and doubts, shame and worthlessness.  Transmuting all unfulfilled dreams and unfinished projects into a clear, flowing energy. The Blue Ray of Light brings the Truth to this creation center, so that all  you dream of and create may be filled with the Divinity of your heart in alignment with the Divinity of Source. Blessed this may be now. 

Focus on the third eye now, as the frequencies of Violet pulsate through this center. Sending gentle awakenings to all that has created a closing in this center. Allowing you to begin to see more clearly that all is energy and there is much to be seen beyond and within the physical form. As the Blue Ray of Truth is gently infused now, all parts of your being is remembering the Truth, that we are powerful Beings capable of seeing beyond with just our physical eyes. To open more easily to our guidance, our inner knowing…to trust that we know our Truth more than anyone else can know for us. Blessed this may be now.

We thank you for receiving our service and know that as you hold this frequency of the Violet and Blue Ray, others around you will receive as well. We thank you for your service. Blessed this may be now.

With loving gratitude,

The Angelic Emissaries and Ambassadors of the Violet and Blue Rays of Light

January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013

| January 1, 2013 | 0 Comments
The stories of old have all been told
They have been relived until they have formed a mold
Blessings Beautiful Ones, for the time is here to shift and soften
To come back into the fold
To a time from long, long ago
When minds were compliments, not foe
When unity and family was not defined by blood
But by the breathe And our love of the One
Sure that all is perfect, all is divine
Not knowing what was meant by “mine”
For mine is yours and yours is mine
Doesn’t that sound just divine?
Not needing to procreate to form a clan
But understanding we are all part of the same plan
My story is your story; your pain has been mine
Let us lay down these cords now attached to the old
Transforming them with swords made from brilliant Light
So that the new can be told, not from the old mold
But from a plane of our higher sight, our higher mind
Where words can be wondrous And love holds All
So breathe your breath with your brothers and sisters
and stand tall
Walk together through the door
Leaving the old to be released and loved by the Light
No longer driving you to wishes of taking flight
Walk into the realms now where the dark meets the Light
So you do not need to carry any more fright
Softening, then softening some more
Melting into golden rivers of Light
Flowing, glowing brilliantly in your love
Creating from joy, from our fate of the healed heart
For this is our place
Our natural born state
Janet Elshiana
In This Moment

In This Moment

| December 24, 2012 | 0 Comments

This is an invitation for you now, to know it is you that we speak of when we address you as the beautiful beings. Beautiful beings of love and light, we invite you now to know deep within your being that All that matters is this moment, right here, right now. All that matters is that you exist here, during this glorious moment in time, agreeing to share your divine nature with all that exists within these earthen realms. Call now to your highest divine nature to begin to merge with you in this divine moment, in this divine space. Call now to all of your soul, all parts of you that exist within all consciousness of the earthen realms, within all the realms and dimensions through all time and space, to be with you here, right here, right now so that they too may remember that they share this moment of the awakening of the Truth, that you are a Beautiful being of love, and Beautiful being of light. It does not matter where you have been, what you have done, who have hated, who you have loved, who you may have cheated or lied to, who you may have given your last penny to, for all that exists is this moment. This moment where you stand, where your feet kiss the supportive surface of the earth. Where your hands may touch your brothers and sisters of the light, where your eyes may see the beauty where others see ugliness, where you may experience compassion in your heart for those that have lost their way.

All that matters is in this moment, you have a breathe into your beating heart, to experience the flames within growing with each breath. To hear and feel the pulse of the loving heart of your earth mother. To breathe with her, in her, through her and with all of her Beings that we share her womb with. All of a single cell, always connected. Breathing love into all that we share our earth mother with.

This is an invitation to release our fears so that we may once again fully experience the amazing gift of experiencing Divinity in physical form.

It doesn’t matter who you were before, who you will be, if you were royalty or poverty.

All that matters is that we honor who we are in this moment, a Beautiful Being.


Your Brothers and Sisters of the Light and the Angels of Peace

Angelic Messages

Angelic Messages

| December 2, 2012 | 1 Comment

Dearest One,

Breathe deeply now as Archangel Amethyst of Violet Ray of light steps forward to you now. She guides you to bring your attention to your breath, finding its own natural rhythm. Take a moment to honor your breath and all of the life that it connects to you. In this way you can remember that you are never alone, as we are all part of the same breath, the breath of Source. As you breathe now bring your attention into your heart center, which lies in the sternum area, in the lower center of your chest. Your heart center is a beautiful crystal and it is the home of your eternal flame. Breathe into this flame now expanding it in every direction throughout your body and beyond it.

Archangel Amethyst connects her heart to yours through a violet, golden and emerald flame of light. She begins now to gently but powerfully transmit the gifts that her heart holds, gently clearing blocks and allowing her love to fill your heart.

She begins to transmit to you now;

Beloved ones, if you choose now allow my heart to transmit frequencies of deep clearing into your heart centers, offering a rest to the many petals of your heart that may have hardened over time through challenging experiences. Know that we hold such love for you and all beings within the earth plane and for the earth herself. We have come to you through this way of writing as a gift to be able to share with you a way that you may know we are with you. We can share with you how to connect more deeply to the many celestial beings of love and light that guide you through your journey so that you may work with us more and allow us to share many gifts. Know that you too are angelic beings of light and are on your journey of discovering this part of yourselves. Many of you already are very committed to service- helping others in many different ways. However, many of you also find yourself out of balance for you have closed down the back of your heart center, not allowing yourself to receive the love and light that will continuously feed you as you give to others. You find yourself becoming short, resentful and/or just plain tired at times and then feeling guilty for these feelings. Release this guilt now to us through this heart connection and any old beliefs that to receive for oneself is selfish in a negative way. Just in the way that a vehicle needs fuel to continue to serve you, you need to refuel to continue to serve others and yourself beloved.

Take a breath now releasing any guilt, resentments, tiredness or any other feeling you wish to release now as we assist you in lifting this from your heart. If you wish now, we will infuse the violet, gold and emerald rays of light into your heart so that it may gently receive relief, wisdom and deep love. Stay with this for as long as you wish and call upon us any time. Expand these rays now throughout your whole body and allow yourself to be bathed in the Light as you are a beloved child of God.

Archangel Amethyst of the Violet Ray of Light